Namco Bandai Won't Let Light Gun Games Die, Announces Razing Storm

Namco Bandai is keeping the flame of light-gun shooting burning with Razing Storm, a new arcade shooter planned for release in 2009. The game, which we found via Siliconera, looks like it might be taking a page from the developer's own Time Crisis series, with what appears to be a foot pedal for thrilling ducking-and-standing action.

It may not look like much in the heavily-artifacted screen shots provided by the company — embedded in the press release for minimal graphical clarity — but the game is running on the System 357 hardware platform. That's the same one used by Tekken 6 and based on Sony's PlayStation 3. Take a peek after the jump.

According to Siliconera's report, the title's gimmick appears to be heavy environmental destruction. Hence that "razing" in the title. Clever.

Razing Storm: An Arcade Light Gun Game Built With PS3 Hardware [Siliconera]


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