New Force Unleashed Producer Walkthrough

While a lot of us will be picking up The Force Unleashed for Xbox 360 and PS3 there are still plenty of folks who will be grabbing the PlayStation 2 and PSP version of the game. For that reason we got two new videos where Producer Dan Wasson walks us through some of the scenarios as well as the extra content on the PSP version. Second video after the jump.


    Its not a port, It was made at the same time, by a different studio.
    However, the Wii and psp versions are both ports of the PS2 version, But both the Wii and PSP contain some bonus content.

    Also, I didn't really enjoy any versions of the game. They are just room after room of button mashing.
    I hope someone somewhere plays the psp version mutliplayer though. Then maybe someone will see the maps I worked on :)

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