New Mega Man 9 Screens Show 8-bit Goodness.

It's not everyday we get a new trip down memory lane. In that sense Mega Man 9 is a very special title (at least for me) as it comes out today on Wii. It isn't only because Mega Man is the first game I can recall playing, but because it's a new adventure in the 8-bit world that my generation started gaming in. I sometimes sit and wonder how weird it's going to be when 3 or 4 years from now we hear someone from the next generation of adult gamers say that the first game they can consciously remember is Super Mario 64 or Metal Gear Solid. What was the first game you remember?

Before I forget, for those of you who haven't made up your mind whether to get the game or not, we have some new images from Mega Man 9 after the jump. You can download the game today on WiiWare for 1000 Wii Points, PS Network on Thursday for $9.99, and Xbox Live on October 1st for 800 MS Points.

Mega Man 9 Gallery


    I remember River Raid , Spyhunter and many more from the C64

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