New Punisher Video Game Teased? Yes!

Does Marvel have another video game based on The Punisher in the works? With the third Punisher movie (fronted by its third actor playing Frank Castle) due to hit theatres later this year, it wouldn't surprise us if Marvel had a third game based on the anti-hero vigilante. With a fun, side-scrolling beat 'em up arcade romp from Capcom and a so-so received console game from THQ under its belt, today's teaser at reminds us that The Punisher is no stranger to gaming.

Marvel's video game blog The Danger Room, in one of its very infrequent updates, teases "Feel free to speculate" in regard to the image of The Punisher taking on a slew of wannabes. That's all the info they provide.

THQ and Volition were responsible for the previous Punisher game, which hit the Xbox, PC and PlayStation 2. Marvel and THQ are still somewhat cozy, but we don't have any knowledge of the two announcing such a project was in the works.

Feel Free to Speculate... [The Danger Room via 4CR]


    As long as Garth Ennis writes it I'll but it.

    It would be especially cool if they used some of the plot lines and concepts in the highly violent and confrontational MAX imprint of The Punisher.

    Frank rules.

    Now let him loose in a town with the scope and freedom of Liberty City, let him set up weapons caches all over town, beat information out of the scum in the alleys and work his way up to the Kingpin.

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