Nintendo's Kirby Event - Word From The Field

While Nintendo's super secret Kirby event didn't occur anywhere your Kotaku staff had easy access to, Kotakuites are legion, and one of said legion has the skinny. Dextr and his girlfriend, whom we hear is gloriously attractive, stopped in at the Kirby Park event in Pennsylvania and send word of pink bubbles and book covers.

Hello, I just left the Kirby event in Kirby Park in PA. They had a small crew sending small kirbies into the sky made of pink soap bubbles and helium. There weren't many people there yet. They were only promoting Kirby Superstar Ultra, but we (my girlfriend and i) got bookcovers/posters out of it.

So no Kirby Wii announcement. Sadness. Along with the words come pictures of the event poster, along with the promise of more once he can interface his camera with a computer. He also notes that a rep told him the main event was in Alabama, which makes it the most interesting thing to happen in Alabama in over 50 years (*holds up Georgia resident make fun of Alabama permit*). UPDATE - Hit the jump for more galleries and reports, including one from the main event in Alabama!

Kirby Event Gallery


    Another slight disappointment - come on Nintendo we need to see Kirby on the Wii!

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