Oh Hollywood, What Did You Do To Dragonball?!

Manga Dragonball has been adapted into anime and countless video games no problem. Turning it into a Hollywood movie seems to pose more of a problem, though. It's not easy! Early images of the movie, which stars Justin Chatwin from War of the Worlds and Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat, didn't exactly set the world afire. While the filmed-in-Mexico Hollywood flick has been repeatedly delayed, there have already been talks about doing a sequel. Anyway, what's reported to be images from the movie trailer below. No surprises here, really. Well, save for that albino vampire Piccolo thing. Maybe the actual trailer is better. But probably not.

Dragon Ball | ¡Nuevas imágenes del apocalipsis! [Nerd Drama via Dragonball Movie Blog via ANN]


    OMFG what have they done. this better be some joke or cover up because this will be an epic FAIL. i mean who is chow-yun fat supposed to be? and piccolo, dont get me started on him and whats with the chick on the movie promotion poster, looks like something like lara croft.

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