Oh Noes: Far Cry Releasing in Germany Only

Kidding! We mean the piece-of-shit movie Uwe Boll is making under the same title. It has a Germany-only release date of Oct. 2, at least according to the press kit Big Download dug up. But still, big month for Uwe: Postal's out on DVD, he's got a game coming out, 1968 Tunnel Rats, which nevertheless sounds like the name of some second-division Bundesliga team. I wonder though, if he makes a movie based on the game of 1968 Tunnel Rats, would that be like a dog eating and then crapping its own turd?

Far Cry Movie Premieres Oct 2 in Germany [Big Download]


    It's true that a lot of Boll's films are hard to appreciate, but it's not a good idea to submit a post that simply atagonises someone. Making "piece-of-shit" judgements on films or games you've yet to see or play isn't too flash either.

    Tunnel rats is a Viet vets term. Vietnam usually doesn't have German sports teams. They're two different places, I'm very sorry.

    @Ron: Dude, it's Uwe freakin' Boll. Even if we don't take into consideration the ass-raping he performs on any videogame rights he gets his fucking claws into, his movies are horrible! Boll has openly said he is not going to do anything differently than what he has in the past, ergo his shite movies will continue to be shite. QED. The Far Cry movie by any other name (and that's all that it appears to have in common with the game) would still be a shithouse film and another travesty that Boll can associate his name to. I guess he's like the Darwin of the movie world; any publisher stupid enough to give him money will soon be run out of buisness with millions in debt thanks to his awful unprofitable films.

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