Overlooked Warhammer Devs Get Their Due Credit

Overlooked Warhammer Devs Get Their Due Credit

We heard last month that a bunch of people were going to be left out of Warhammer Online’s credits. Didn’t seem like the right thing to do, especially in the wake of similar fiascos involving Manhunt 2 and Okami. Well, turns out Mythic are now going to do the right thing, and will be making the entire credits – which will contain everyone that ever worked on the game – available online. And not just for WAR; they’re going to go back and do this for Dark Age of Camelot as well. The full statement announcing the move (made by the IGDA’s Jen MacLean) can be found after the jump.


  • It’s really too bad, this game. It’s got great potential, but sadly the down-time is the worst I’ve ever seen. They just introduced their first major patch, and you’d think they were all doing something that’s a leap forward for man-kind. Game has been down almost 24hours total since the patch was implemented.

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