Own A Mac? Try Feist, It's Great

Yeah, that rules out most of you, but hey, you can at least watch the trailer above. The game looks gorgeous. Feist is a 2D platformer by Zurich students Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz, in which you guide a little Soot Sprite-looking guy around and...do stuff. It's all fairly beautiful, all fairly relaxing, and if you've got a Mac, you can grab a beta from the link below.

Feist Beta [Feist, via Indiegames]


    Yayy looks alot like Little Big Planet or Loco Roco. Well at least now we have 2 decent games to play on Mac this and Spore.

    hate to burst your bubble guys, but there are tonnes of games like this for the mac. spore isn't even a mac game(cedega/cider does not make an app native!), plus it's quite boring/stupid.

    maybe a little more research is required by you and your commenters....

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