PC Port Of Mercenaries 2, Bad Graphics & Buggy As Heck?

PC Port Of Mercenaries 2, Bad Graphics & Buggy As Heck?
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I haven’t received a copy of Mercenaries 2 yet on any platform, so I can’t really comment, but reader Desi is less than pleased with his purchase for the PC version. He makes it sound like an abortion on DVD (urgh):

I cannot help but be wroth beyond measure. The PC version is a port of the PS2 version (couldn’t even give us 360-level graphics) so it has awful graphics; you can’t turn autoaim off, so you can never hit moving enemies; and there’s a catastrophic bug that makes the game freeze when it tries to play a movie — which is literally within the first second of starting up, when it tries to play the EA logo movie.

The only way to get it to play is to rename the movies folder, so that you play with no cutscenes and therefore zero exposition.

IGN didn’t think it was too bad, but I’m reluctant to use a single review as a yardstick. Maybe Desi’s PC just doesn’t like him, or the frustration’s making his eyes bleed. Regardless, let us know if you’re having similar issues.


  • Of course IGn didn’t think it was too bad.
    Their review is a straight copy and paste of the Xbox360 and PS3 review.
    Same as they did with Alone in the Dark for PC.

    • Gonna say this but you are wrong about it beinga ps2 port i recently baught it form orgin and its a 360 port however there is some graphical issues im annoyed by but not any issues you claim. :/

  • I have it. It doesn’t perform fantasticaly, but nothing really game breaking. The visuals are okay. I didn’t have that movie playing bug. All in all it’s just alright.

  • Sounds about as bad as the 360 version. I can’t understand how a next generation sequel can actually be worse than the PS2 original. It boggles the mind.

    Like why the hell did they remove the ability to order NPC’s in your vehicle to stay in it when you exit?

    I’m so glad I waited a whole extra year for a game that feels like it was released six months early. Maybe they accidentally sent an early build to the printer and EA don’t want to pay to correct it. Yeah that makes sense.

  • I read more about the crash bug and it seems to be a memory allocation problem with the Athlon series of CPUs. Maybe I brought it on myself for installing an Athlon?

    In any case, graphics still suck.

  • Ive installed the PC version of this game, and I actually really enjoy the game play overall. But yeah the graphix are rough as all hell and THE BUGS!!! OHHH THE BUGS!!!!!!!!! so many.
    The biggest one ive gome across so far is after the first few Petrolium missions, the only way to continue is to speak with the PLAV to get more mission. However when I do chat with the contact, the game freezes on a black screen. And if I exit the conversation by right clicking, after a lengthy load screen the game returns with my character falling through the land of all eternity.
    How the hell can i fix this as I wanna play more.

  • I have had the game for 2 months now, and have not been able to play a single second … it freezes during the initial load, same spot every time regardless of any options chosen. Additionally, EA support has been ABYSMAL! All canned responses, sometimes the same ones repeated … nothing useful.


  • I downloaded mercs 2 because I thought that it would be a good game. I WAS DEAD WRONG. It was so buggy that in the first boss battle when you have to steal the tank I took alot of damage so I just ran through the hole where the tank burst out of and to the right . I could see the tank but it could not see or shoot me. And this was 5 mins into the game. It just got worse from there on in and I ended up deleting it from my computer.

    also – quicktime events for stealing vehicles?! Were the devs smoking crack?

  • Here’s how to fix freezing problem:

    Click Start.

    Click Run.

    Type in “DXDIAG” into the available text field without these (”), and press OK.
    Once the DirectX Diagnostic tool has loaded, click on the Sound tab.

    This tab will show you your sound device and drivers.
    Warning : Should this tab be blank, refer to your computer manufacturer for the proper sound drivers.

    In the DirectX Features section, adjust the slide bar from where it is currently to Basic acceleration.
    Warning : This may disable advanced audio features which worked previously in other games.

    Should you notice a negative change in any other game, simply change the acceleration level back to where it was or to Full Acceleration.

    Click the Exit button.

    Start your game, and verify that the game now works properly.

    Not: it will freeze for a minute or two but will play.

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