Peak's Solid Wood Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitar

Peak just sent me one of their solid wood Playstation 3 guitars for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Starplex is the same scale as a real guitar and uses the same sorts of parts, when possible. For instance the tuning pegs are real as is the whammy bar.

Of course all of this realism makes for a pretty heavy kit, but I think it's worth it. The controller works with both the PS2 and PS3 and comes with wireless and wired options. I'll make sure to weigh in with my opinion after I've had some time to go a few round with it on the Playstation 3.


    I think this is a great idwea. A few thopughts for you. Man a switch that allows yopu to switch from Guitar Hero to Roack Band. And another switch that lets you choose which system you have. Thanks just some ideas. Chuck

    Bought one of these in January and it was worth every penny! Feels and handles just like a real guitar. tilt and overdrive button both work flawlessly. The buttons are spaced a little farther apart than other controllers, but they are very smooth and I have never had any issues with anything not working or acting flaky at all. Rock solid operation. This thing feels more like a real guitar than a controller, and works more like one too. The strum bar was a little "crunchy" when it was new and needed to be broke in a little I guess, but that's the only negative thing I can say about it at all.

    Secondly, the controller connection... I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness of it. It does in fact have a switch to change from Rock Band to Guitar Hero, although there is no switch to change console mode, I guess that's asking a tad too much... As far as compatibility with playstation goes, the wireless dongle that plugs into the PS2 or PS3 is actually a wireless PS2 controller port plug, much like the PS wireless controller plugs, but this one has a small adapter so you can plug it into a USB port. This makes it completely compatible with PS2 and 3. One of the biggest headaches was guitar controllers on PS2. Either you had a USB that didn't really like the guitar hero games, or you had a PS2 controller port type that didn't like rock band... this guitar can plug into any port and play any game, even on the early PS2 titles, and it's wireless :)

    Also, in 5 months, we've replaced the batteries in it ONE time, and they're rechargeables, which generally will last maybe two weeks in the PS3 RB2 strat.

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