Phantasy Star 0 Coming To Nintendo DS

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reveals that Phantasy Star 0 is coming to the Nintendo DS. That may be good news, if you've come to grips with the fact that Sega will likely never return to classic RPG form for the series. The next game in the series, despite following the numerical naming conventions of the Master System and Genesis entries, will follow in the vein of Phantasy Star Online, as the game appears to be a hack and slash 3D multiplayer adventure, using many of the same classes and design principles introduced in the Dreamcast update.

Phantasy Star 0 looks to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's touchscreen in an interesting way, letting players communicate via Pictochat-style drawings and text messages. The game currently has no release date, nor have plans for a Western version been announced.

Given Sega's success with Phantasy Star Portable, we now expect that turn-based JRPG version of Phantasy Star to ship in the fourth quarter of never.


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