Play WipeOut HD, Your Life/Brain Is In Your Own Hands

Don't think it was ever confirmed confirmed, but it was strongly suggested that WipeOut HD's lengthy delay was the result of the game failing epilepsy tests. That suggestion looks pretty likely today, with the news that the game's going to ship with the mother of all epilepsy warnings at the front. Every time you play the game, you'll have to scroll through a large warning message that goes above and beyond what you'd normally expect, with the message dealing mostly with the games "flashing or flickering lights or geometric shapes and patterns". If you're sensitive to that sort of stuff, be warned.

Serious epilepsy warning for WipEout HD [CVG]


    i think i have a mild case of epilepsy, but only certain things can set it off turok on the n64, half life 1 and a few other titles but its like 1 in every 200 games i play and i can usally feel it coming on (sometimes it feels like travel sickness). i dont seem to be effected by the things that should set it off going out clubbing under a strobe light or wipeout (,things like that never have effected me).

    Sloopydrew is right in his description of what it feels like to have a seziure thou but i've almost always been able to stop myself from fitting at the aura stage by switching off all electronics (everything has to be unplugged if im about to go even the sound of my pc fan can make it worse, lights too) go into a dark room lie down and wait for an hour or two (but make sure someone else is there just incase the worse does happen). it also makes me go a nice shade of green too.

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