Reader's Tattoo Update

Well, we did ask.

Our heavily inked readers have sent in a plethora of pictures detailing the game-related tattoos with which they have adorned themselves.

As expected, they run the gamut from impressive to slightly baffling.

Magnet Genocide wears Chun Li on his arm, Rob Thrift has matching mega man and heat man, Melissa Stiltner sent us her impressive Master Sword back piece - she has Okami piece on the way.

Nick Purdy sent us pics of his girlfriend Robyn's Super Mario Galaxy star, Sebastian Zethraeus wears a foxy MGS 4 insignia, An anonymous reader has the Sith code in UV ink.

Zack Thar sent his pal Davis Peng's tattoo of Yoshi, Joey Crundwell wears Starman Deluxe from EarthBound, Greg Doom has Gutsman, Elecman, Megaman, and Bullet Bill on his leg, Dustin Kurtz has Bioshock-inspired wrist chains and Cale Bradbury is forever maked with a Weighted Companion Cube.

Finally, Suicide Ninja keeps it in the family with his tat of Lulu from Final Fantasy X. His Daughter has Rikku from FFX2.

Thanks for sharing, one and all.

Reader Tattoos Gallery


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