Really Fake Pikachu For Really Big Bucks

Really Fake Pikachu For Really Big Bucks
HOLY SHIT. THAT LOOKS SO REAL. A while back, a Japanese Yahoo! seller put 20 “limited edition” Pikachus on the auction block with the crazy closing price of ¥99,000,002,805,760 (over US$ 900 million). According to the seller:

Captured one-by-one only after you order to ensure its good health!

Fantastic! These Pikachus were straight from the Pikachu forest, and the seller wrote that a 60-minute video showing how to raise and care for the Pikachu would be included as well. While we’re guessing the seller didn’t successfully unload any of this “limited edition” for US$ 900 million. Man, some people are so cheap.

Pika Auction [Yahoo Auction Watch Thanks, Matt!]

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