Rock Band 1 Songs Won't Ever Be Offered As DLC

Huh, an area that Rock Band is beaten out by SingStar? Amazing. Yet also true. When SingStar came out on PS3 - superseding the last version(s), on PS2 - the game's online store let players buy songs from the earlier games individually. Was a great way for people to catch up on old tracks piece-by-piece, instead of making them buy an entire disc's worth of content. But Rock Band, well, Rock Band won't let you do that. With Rock Band 2 now out - superseding the first game - MTV say the songs available on the Rock Band 1 disc won't be made available as DLC for sequel-buyers to pick up individually. Ever. Because MTV plan on publishing the first game "indefinitely". You want one or two songs from the disc, you gotta buy the whole thing. Certainly seems an odd strategy to pursue, particularly since they're trying to sell the game as a "platform" rather than a game.

Rock Band 1 to stay on sale as disc, no songs going online [Variety]


    Your point about SingStar... most of the best songs have never been made available as DLC. And - off-topic here - why do you split the AU and US comments? We're not allowed to debate together? It's really annoying.

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