Rock Band 2 Approves Of Breaking Street Dates

Street dates are for housewives and little girls! Rock Band 2 thumbs its nose at such restrictions and, as reader "Lancellot" shows us, gives a virtual high five to anyone who managed to finagle a pre-release copy of MTV Games and Harmonix's latest.

"Welcome to Rock Band 2!" the congratulatory splash screen reads "Nice work on scoring the game before it comes out!" So refreshing to see someone not be so uptight about the occasional retail leak.


    would be nice if it ever comes out in Australia. Wait was that Number 2??? We didn't even know there was a number 1!! Oh wait no we did... we just got shafted so hard by Rock Band 1 we forgot about it.

    Oh and EA shafted us with Spore Galactic edition as well! It cost $120 and had less in it then the American $80(approx ($95AUD) Galactic edition.

    Uptight perhaps not. In the eye of the Aussie consumer however: Wankers!

    Aussiedude, I agree.

    damn you EA.

    stands for extremly annoying!

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