Rumour: Xbox 360 To 'Relaunch' On Sept. 25 With TV Ad Blitz, Free Games

A poster on the VGChartz forums (yes, I know) has posted alleged details of a rumoured Xbox 360 "relaunch", the specifics of which even the author writes are "batshit crazy". However, the supposed Fall marketing push is specific enough to the point where it could be grounded in reality — and makes some amount of sense in light of new price drops, the arrival of the "New Xbox Experience" and impending holiday purchases.

According to the forum posting, on September 25th, Microsoft will take over basic cable channel G4 with a five-hour infomercial, culminating in the launch of the New Xbox Experience at midnight. The arrival of the new look and feel for the Xbox 360's dashboard will also bring with it three totally new services, six free games and twelve new exclusives.


    not going to happen

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