Saints Row 2 Has Hidden Zombie Mini-Game

Saints Row 2 Has Hidden Zombie Mini-Game
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Zombies. Can’t live with ’em.. and they just can’t live. You also can’t avoid ’em at the moment. They are the fixed-gear bikes of horror.

Not content with infesting hundreds of video games of their own, the Zombie horde has slowly shuffled onto the back lot of the Gang-related sequel Saints Row 2 for a fully-3D mini game.

Pop into one of the game’s many arcades and you should find a Zombie coin-op that uses the main game’s 3D engine to pit you (actually, your avatar’s avatar, I suppose) against an army of undead brain-chompers, like a Left 4 Dead-lite.

What could be better than this? Two things – first, if Rockstar take up the challenge and implement GTA IV in an in-game console in GTA V. Second, two words — Zombie Busey.

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