See The PS3 Bluetooth Headset In Hot Moving Picture Action

Sure, we've seen plenty of pics of the PS3's bluetooth headset before, but they were lacking context! Scale! The thing could be as big as your finger, or it could be as big as your leg. Lucky we've got this trailer (and it's wonderfully cheesy corporate-metal soundtrack) to set us straight!


    Am I the only person that doesn't like the whole console chat thing with these little one ear doohickeys? On my PC I have one comfortable set of headphones that has a retractable mic and does everything. On my console I am supposed to have a little earpiece in one ear while my speakers blast around me? I think I am more in the market for an integrated headset that works like (as an example) the way TF2 chat works on PC. I just want a mix on one device, thanks.

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