So How Many People Actually PLAY Second Life?

Remember when you couldn't drunkenly fall out of bed in the morning without landing on some kind of Second Life news? Things were getting pretty serious for a while there, to the point where a lot of reports started spinning around that millions and millions of people were "playing" the thing. Millions? Really? Hardly. New Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon has, in an interview with VentureBeat, laid out a new userbase disclosure model the company are working on for Second Life. They're not counting registered users as "users" anymore, because while over 15 million people have signed up for the service, nowhere near that many actually use it. No, the number of "simultaneous users" is around 68,000. That's it. 68,000. Sure, that's the number logged on at once, not the total number of "active" users, but the total can't be more than a couple hundred thousand. Chin up, Lord British, there's hope for Tabula Rasa yet!

Q&A: Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon on Second Life's latest evolution [VentureBeat]


    Sorry Luke but your maths sucks.

    They say 68,00 simultaneous users? You say 200,000 max 'users'?

    So by your reckoning those 68,000 have to be online 8 hours every day to get to your figure. Somehow I think not.

    I manage around two hours a day (if that). I'm sure there are people who pretty much live in SL but I'm also sure there must be the majority that only pop in for a few hours each week. Even if the average users were like me at around two hours per day, that would still mean at least 800,000 logging in every day.

    My personal guess using these figures is that the daily login is probably more like 1-1.5 million (assuming the average is more like 10 hours per user per week).

    You're also selective in the 'userbase disclosure model' because hand-in-hand with the number of concurrent users is tracking the number of user hours, which climbed 8.5% in the last quarter to 380 million user hours, and the amount of user owned land, which stands at 1.5 billion meters.

    Here's the real number, also on the statistics page:

    409,899 people spent more than one Linden dollar in August 2008.

    Can't be more than a couple hundred thousand?? What kind of f'd up logic is that? If concurrency is at 68,000 then I assure you that the number of active users is well in excess of 200,000, unless the AVERAGE SL user spends 8 hours a day, 7 days a week online. A few addicts might, but that is FAR from average for an active user.

    A more reasonable figure of 10 hours a week on average gives something like a million active users.

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