Sony's PlayTV Weighed, Measured, Found Adequate

Should Americans be upset at the fact that won't be seeing Sony's PlayTV device in the states, or are they better off with the DVR options they already have available to them? CVG takes a good hard look at the PlayTV peripheral, walking us through the install and going over some of the more pertinent features of the device. Aside from the ability to watch recorded shows remotely via your PSP, it seems to just be your standard DVR with a few serious limitations. Not being able to choose a show and just have it record it regardless of time slot for instance, instead having to rely on pre-set timers to capture whatever the channel you select might be broadcasting.

For the £69.99 price tag the feature set doesn't seem too shabby, but I don't think North Americans need to be shedding any tears over missing out on the peripheral. Hit the link for CVG's full review of PlayTV.

PlayTV Review [CVG]


    Count on Kotaku to not point out that the feature that was supposed out is actually back in, the export to portable devices (via XMB) of the recorded programs ;)

    This alone makes the PlayTV a huge item compared to standard DVRs.

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