Spore Cracked And Torrented, Already

Well, it had to happen - Spore has hit the intertorrents. Pirates are downloading spores through the intricate series of tubes we call the internet.

It seems as though some stores in Australia have been selling advance copies of the game a few days before the official release date.

Over the weekend, a Warez group called "RELOADED" has managed to crack the copy protection on the game and now it is being downloaded by hundreds of cheapskates over bittorrent.

Spore Cracked by "RELOADED" Group [Game Viper]


    Im all for supporting the game companies and their games, but i dont support the almost double the price difference between AU and the USA. Maybe if game companies take on international pricing structures this might become even less of an issue.

    and since when was a leaked game being pirated news ? Slow news day i guess.

    I'm not terribly interested in spore, so I haven't torrenced it, and won't by it either.

    Fallout 3 I am interested in and with the launch price in Australia being almost double that of the US and the game being crippled in order to pass our stupid game classification laws, I'll be pirating it for sure, and when I can get it the real product for the same price (adjusted for currency) I'll buy it.

    Hmmm, lets see:

    Paid copy:
    1. $AU price nearly double $US price
    2. Have to use crappy download manager
    3. Hassle when you change PCs
    4. Risk of copy protection stopping you playing your legitimate copy (happens all the time)
    5. Whats happens 2 years from now when you cant download it anymore

    Pirate copy:

    None of the above problems

    I actually paid for my copy and am starting to regret it already.

    im going to put my pirate hat on and get this game simply because of the reasons xBeanie has already mensioned.

    but i hate the fact australian have to pay so much more than everybody else. the fact that aussies have to payextra is the deciding point for me to pirate.

    when when it comes to fallout 3 ill pirate that for pricing and cencorship issues.

    i will buy left 4 dead though on the pc through steam because of the reasonable price and no cencorship.

    plus i buy any game that is good and reasonbly price that isnt censored which is why my game collection is on steam simply because of the fact that they dont over charge.

    not everyone is a cheapskate, some of us are just impatient and didn't like waiting for them to release it late in the US

    Well, unfortunately I bought it. Yes, I have spent 49.99. What do I have to show for it ? Nothing. It won't even start. I get the message "The game can not start. The game needs access to the internet in order to verify ownership of this game. Please ensure that your computer is online and try again." Obviously, the internet is fine. I have the dvd on my table. The box was sealed - I opened it myself. I have left a message to EA's "help desk" and after two days I still have no answer from them. I have the confirmation that my help request has been posted, yes, but no answer, even though they claim that they will email an answer in 24 hours.

    So not only after two days I still cannot use a merchandise I have paid good money for (as I said, it won't even try to execute), I'm also given the "silent treatment" from their "help specialists".

    Way to go, EA ! After all, dummies like us, your customers, are paying your salaries (and profits). Well, from now on, dummies no more ! Some people have long memories. I'm one of them. Trust me on this one, EA !

    PS. Too bad I don't have the money to go after them from a legal standpoint - the lawyer would cost a fortune. That's what many companies are counting on, anyway.

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