Spore Gets World's Tiniest Billboard, Requires Telescope To See

Go tiny or go home. That's the Spore marketing philosophy apparently, as the folks from EA have installed what is probably the world's daintiest billboard in San Francisco's Union Square. At just 14" by 6", the Spore billboard requires a telescope to see.

Fortunately, EA has installed said telescope and aimed it directly at the wee Spore advertisement, giving passersby a chance to enjoy some smartly conceived marketing. If you happen to be in the Bay Area, specifically Union Square, you have a brief opportunity to check it out. Everyone else can live vicariously through pics after the jump.


    Look at the very first picture.. is that a jumper on the roof?.. Can I have his DNA if he is? Finders keepers kinda thing..

    No bra? For what seemed like the hundredth time this evening, my
    Shared videos with innocent girls
    To spite the eyes, I smiled salaciously and reachedbetween my legs to play with myself and stroke his furry balls

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