Spore Only Allows One Account, Even If You're Playing With Family

And the Spore/DRM issues just. Get. Worse. Despite the game's manual shipping with the promise that you can set up multiple Spore accounts on the one PC, turns out that in fact the game won't let you do this. Got more than one Spore player in the house? A friend or loved one? Sorry, they'll have to either play as you in your account, or get their own damn copy. The anti-piracy stuff, as awful as it is, is at least defensible in theory. This, though, this is just mean.

Want More Than One Account On Your 'Spore' Game? Buy Another Copy [Consumerist]


    I don't know why they bother with this peice of crap, everyone in the PC industry should just follow Stardock's approach.

    And its a wonder people are moving away from PC Gaming.

    Hell, piracy is a legitamate concern....but its going beyond the point of sanity now.

    EA loves finding new ways of fleecing you of your hard earned.

    I was willing to overlook everything else, but now I'm just pissed off. If I had known this earlier I would not have bought the game. Fuck EA.

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