Spore Simulates Intelligent Design, Not Evolution

Spore Simulates Intelligent Design, Not Evolution

spore_planet.jpgSpore‘s about evolution? What are you thinking? It’s not evolution at all! Well, that’s what Tim Dean over at Trembling Hand theorises:

When you’re playing Spore, and you periodically pause to ‘evolve’ your organism, you’re not emulating evolution. But you are nicely emulating the way Intelligent Design works … Every time you meddle, it’s the hand of, um, whatever it is the ID crew think is running the show (just between you and me, I think they might actually think it’s God, but it could equally be a player of MetaSpore in another universe) that is shaping the direction of the organism. Not evolution.

The man does have a point. I’m not sure it’s what Will Wright intended, but that is how the game plays out, in a nutshell.

Spore: The Intelligent Design Simulator [Trembling Hand]


  • It is sort of like a combination of both, since a lot of ID proponents refuse to accept that evolution is involved at all. This is the sort of ID that most scientists would have no real problems with, since it’s kind of science-based at the same time.

  • That’s pretty much the way I see it. Started the game expecting some sort of evolutionary adaptation in any scale and instead get treated to the fact that all throughout a species’ life, there’s an intelligent (I use this term loosely) designer behind the scenes. Even the long trailer on the Spore.com website implies this fact.

    Not that I’m complaining..

  • I don’t think evolutionary biologists would be happy with with ANY form of intelligent design within the theory of evolution.

    I thought this game was going to include some kind of simulated natural selection. Sounds like it doesn’t, does it even have random mutations of your originial creations?

  • I never thought of spore as evolution, evolution works very differently. I wouldn’t say its creationism either, as creationism is a single effort to get the end result. Either way, it’s a fictional game, so on this basis alone its probably closer to Creationism.

  • I don’t see it. Sure, it’s not true evolution because you design your own creature, but it’s not intelligent design because you are constantly changing your creature over the generations, not just designing the perfect creature first time. (unless, of course, you skip to the tribal stage)
    Plus there is a clear and obvious sequence as your creature evolves from primordial soup up to intelligent race. 1 point to Evolution.
    I’d personally categorise it as evolution watered down for the masses, and enough so that ID people don’t get up in arms about it and still buy it.
    Basically they’ve been very smart, it’s really whatever you want it to be, and there’s enough plausable deniability to ignore the other sides arguments.
    The more important point is that it’s not that great a game anyway.

  • WTF are you people goin on about this game is “evolution in a box” why is everyone gabering off about how it is inteligent design. unless this site is only frequented by god fanboys who like to paint their own point of view on everything.

    infact why the F has this post been made it carrys no real news or any real information its just some dude wanting the game to look better to christian people so they will buy this. isnt that obvious.

    and WTF why is the dude who thinks everyone should know his point of view saying that maybe just maybe the character in the game is being shaped by god. wow thanks genius where i once could only see darkness i can now see, you have truly brightened up my day. who do you think you were playing as.

    and why the hell does he just between you and me when your saying something to the media you dont say just between you and me because your saying this to the media obviusly more people are going to hear his comments so this guy just sounds like a velocadush

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