Steam DRM Vs Spore DRM


    Personally I feel steam is the best method of PC DRM. Generally the only thing that irk's me about Securom DRM is the limit of installs. When i purchase a product i should be able to un-install and re-install the game as many times as I please, i didnt fork out full price for a glorified rental. With Steam this issue doesnt exist, I simply login anywhere and use my liscense for the software. Steam's DRM works, and it doesnt cause any tears.

    Quite simply: Steam. Purely for the fact that once you buy a game it gets tied to your Steam account and can be downloaded and run it on any machine you like. The only time Steam's authentication got in my way was when Half-Life 2 came out. Since then, I've not had a single problem getting a game to run, which is more than I can say for SecurROM. Bioshock and Mass Effect both gave me trouble initially, though I will say that Spore has thus far not presented any problems.

    It comes down to the value proposition. Does the system give me a good experience, or a bad experience? Thus far, SecureRom has given me an experience that is *mildly* bad, in that it's been irritating and slightly inconvenient on a couple of occasions. Steam gives me a system that not only just works, but which contains a huge number of other, valuable features that enhance my gaming experience.

    I'm actually a bit annoyed by Spore's DRM. I haven't bought alot of PC game's lately. I'd figured that, like a console game, I could give it to a mate overnight and he be allowed to play it - rendering my install unusable until the copy is returned. That's the way it works with any other possession. I can lend my guitars, my consoles, my DVDs... why can't I lend my PC games?
    In order to obtain a possession, you must possess it - the transferal of possession is implied by the nature of the term. I thought I was buying a copy of Spore, not a small window of opportunity to play it in.

    I love Steam's 1 computer playable system. It's genuis!
    I hate having to worry about which computer i'm installing my games on, and steam came up with the perfect solution to this.
    Thank You Valve/Steam for doing this! Oh and the friends system is very convenient, as it is imbedded in steam already (no 3rd party xfire/Vent) and thus it is easier to access etc. Thank You STEAM!

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