Street Fighter IV tournament at GoodGames Sydney

No not the TV show, but GoodGames Sydney (Level 1, 857 George St (door upstairs is next to KFC)) is calling on all those who think they're ready to throw down at Street Fighter IV to hit the store this Friday for a tournament. They're pretty sure their regulars are the best players in Sydney, so if you think you've got game why not drop by and see if you can take their resident elites? All the details can be found right here where the intercity trash talk is in full effect. The essentials: 7.30pm, Friday 3rd October. $10 entry, $8 online. Winner takes the pot minus costs. Full rules breakdown after the jump. So which character do you think will win the tournament?

SYDNEY: First Official SF4 Tourney Feat. Melbourne Guests [OzHadou]

Sydney: First Official Australian SF4 Tournament @ GGS Please note: This weekend is also GGS' 2nd year anniversary

Featuring special guest from interstate!!!

When: 7:30PM Friday, 3 October 2008

Where: "Good Games" Level 1, 857 George St Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 9281-1760 W:

General Tournament Rules: Check out this document for a more detailed explanation of general rules for our double elimination tournaments. If you have any questions, post them below, or send a PM to me, Genxa or Ziggy.

Cost: - Entry Fee is $10. - Discounted $8 for online sign-ups (see below). - Winner takes sign-up pool less running cost.

Format/Rules: - Double Elim! 1 MATCH ONLY!. - Interstates will be seeded. Random seeding thereafter. - No glitches! - If any at this point. Smile - If you are late, PLEASE ring beforehand to let us know otherwise you will be put into the losers bracket


    That screenshot doesn't look like the in-game footage i've seen at various SFIVs around Melbourne or on YouTube.

    The meter is different and the Ultra meter is up top instead of in the bottom corners.

    No, it's just an old mock up floating around in our archives. Cool art though! :-)

    Great! Hope to see lots of people there.

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