Summer Of Arcade Massive Success

So Microsoft's Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade promotion has come and gone, a five-week blitz of the best that Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, all part of a commitment made by the company at E3 to shift their focus more towards quality rather than quantity. According to a media alert issued today by Microsoft, the push was a massive success, with a 58% increase in Xbox Live members purchasing games over the course of the month, shattering the monthly revenue high for XBLA by 67%.

Out of the games released, Castle Crashers is being heralded as a stand-out title for all of XBLA, while Braid wound up as the highest-rating XBLA title of all time, with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed also making the top 10. That leaves poor Galaga Legions. There there, little retro redux. We still love you...just not as much. Hit the jump for the full text of the press alert!

The Numbers are in: August was a Scorcher for Xbox LIVE Arcade

Sure, we are coming off a long, hot summer, but it was Xbox LIVE Arcade that really made things sizzle. Critics agree: With the season's best games released over the span of five weeks, the Summer of Arcade brought new players to the Xbox LIVE Arcade service in record pace. "Castle Crashers" "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2," "Bionic Commando: Rearmed," "Galaga Legions," and "Braid" delighted gamers of all pedigrees and drove the most successful season on record for the downloadable games service.

Over the course of the five-week Summer of Arcade program there was a 58 percent increase in unique members purchasing titles, and August broke the monthly revenue high by 67 percent. August was also the first time that an Xbox LIVE Arcade game landed in the top 3 most-viewed pages on The reason for all of this success? The games were really good.

"Castle Crashers," an adventure title that came to the service on Aug. 27, currently sits at the No. 1 spot for the Top 10 Xbox LIVE Arcade games being played on the service today. In fact, it is being called a stand-out title for all of Xbox LIVE Arcade. "Braid," a puzzle-platformer released on Aug. 6 quickly climbed the charts to become the No. 1 highest-rated game of all time on Xbox LIVE Arcade. "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2" and "Bionic Commando: Rearmed" also have spots in the Top 10!

"At E3, we committed to re-focusing the Xbox LIVE Arcade business, vowing to release bigger and better games while focusing on quality and not quantity," said Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox LIVE. "The debut of the new strategy proved to be a huge success, with the Summer of Arcade making August the highest grossing month to date. But the focus on quality games doesn't stop with the Summer of Arcade. We have plenty more great titles coming out in the next few months and beyond that we think will continue to fuel this incredible momentum."

The service is geared up to continue on the record-breaking path with even more blockbuster titles, like "Portal: Still Alive," "South Park" and "R-Type Dimensions," slated to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade in the coming months.

Looks like this winter could be heating up...


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