Tattoos: Area Man Hoping Fallout 3 WIll Be Critical Success

You are doing it wrong! You are supposed to wait until AFTER a game is lauded as a bona fide classic before you get its iconography indelibly etched into your flesh.

Sure, Fallout 3 is looking good and all signs point to it being a decent game.. but you have know that somewhere there is a sheepish body art fan walking around hiding his Too Human inkage under a heavy wool shirt.

Reader David Lo sent in some snaps of what we assume is his actual arm, now forever marked with a colourful rendition of Vault Boy cheerily gibbing someone with a handgun.

It is nice work, but.. well, we hope it works out for you, mate.


    I think that you are forgetting Fallout and Fallout 2?

    The cult success of fallout 2 alone would explain his extremely stupid decision of permanently marking his skin with a gory and yet cartoonish depiction of the mutilation of a corpse...

    Firstly, nice ink. It's not like he got kanji and a Koi fish like every other bastard on the planet.

    Secondly, Fallout 3 will kick arse. No question.

    damn, i just got a fallout tattoo of the good ol' thumbs up T_T

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