The 360 Is Holding id's Rage Back

id have big, big plans for Rage! Or, they did have big, big plans. Plans they've had to cut back on so the game can be squeezed onto the 360. id's Tim Willits explains:

The PC is limitless in the amount of data you can put on it. The PS3 has about 25GB. But the Xbox 360 roughly has 6 to 8 GB of data. We're hoping we can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version.

As an example, Willits says that the game was originally meant to feature "several" wasteland areas. But because they wouldn't all fit on the 360, they had to cut the number of wastelands (on all versions) down to just two.

Rage Held Back By Xbox 360's Limits [1UP]


    Aw man, that really sucks! That's another nail in the coffin for the PS3-Xbox war. I'm a PC gamer, having games for my system chopped down on content because of what's looking to be aged hardware is typical Microsoft bullshit. "If it ain't broke don't fix it, and if it is, make the new one worse."

    I wonder how far they got into the development process of these extra areas before they realised they couldn't fit it all in? Hopefully the PC gamers get some love for dropping a full $100 for this game; I don't look at console games often but I've rarely seen them going for more than $80. We pay more and get dragged down by the consoles' limitations? Ugh.

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