This FIFA 09 Ad Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Most people reading this are Americans, so I'll take it most are also oblivious as to just how goddamned big the FIFA franchise is outside your borders. Madden is one thing, but boy, you want to see EA go to town promoting a cornerstone franchise, see if you can sit through this. For context, this ran during a commercial break in the Chelsea v Man Utd. game on the weekend, which is one of the biggest games of the year, and it ran for the entire break. Uninterrupted. In terms of sheer marketing brute strength , I've never seen anything like it.


    Do remember that Football to us is what the NFL is to you, probably our most favoured sport so FIFA is only a cornerstone franchise for you but so is Madden for us.

    NFL is big in America, but seriously there is no other game as hyped outs side the U.S.A as Fifa 09, its not just the English people that buy this game, its massive across the whole of europe. Football (soccer) is soooo big outside of the states, i swear its nothing like what NFL is to America, football in europe.... everyone talks about it, on tv all the time aswell. Fifa 09 is the biggest sport game on any console. It may be very rare in America for people to buy Fifa but in europe everyone owns at least 1 Fifa game, i dont know anyone who owns madden. Also fifa is more of a pick up and play game easy to understand as with madden the tactics and eveything are quite confusing lol espcicially for an english dude that has only watched the nfl once :)

    This is great! It not only demonstrates the amped up multiplayer, but the great community of those who love the sport! Come on! This was about a genuine love of the game, complete with people chanting their teams songs, celebrating in unison their triumphs and humbled by their defeats. To me, real football (soccer to the nitwits) is perhaps the most beautiful game there is. American "football" is nonsense, but I won't get into that. The one thing that annoyed me with the ad was both Rooney and Higuain acting like they're badass FIFA players, pulling the moves and such. Other than that, great stuff. Can't wait until the 14th to get this!

    fifa is just so much bigger then madden worldwide not just europe football (soccer) is not just a game or a sport its a religon

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