Threatening Emails vs. Ken Levine's Spidey Sense

The PC version of BioShock featured some nasty, nasty SecuROM copy protection. Almost a year later, all BioShock PC DRM was finally gone - hey, what's a year, right? A fart in the space time continuum! BioShock designer Ken Levine tells magazine PC Zone:

When we had the copy protection issues come out, I was out there talking about the product, I didn't run away from that. And frankly I got some nasty fucking threats... I think it's important that somebody takes responsibility, and at the end of the day my job as creative director is to sort of be the arbiter of taste... With great power comes great responsibility right?

Righto Spidey, righto.

Levine: "I got some nasty f***ing threats" [CVG][Pic]


    Quick everybody, send death threats to Ray Muzyka so i can un-install Mass Effect when I feel like it!

    Burn in hell Securom, EA's definately going to feel the flame pain with RA3. Those C&C fanboys are a rowdy bunch.

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