TimeSplitters 4 Could Come To Wii, If You Want It

What platform(s) do you want to play TimeSplitters 4 on? The Free Radical developed shooter that will hopefully make us forget all about Haze is slated to officially come to "next-gen platforms," but Free Radical is looking for feedback on the matter. Should it also come to the Wii? PC? Should they scrap it all and work on something different?

We have no inclination if Free Radical plans to take your input seriously, or if it's looking for helpful formulas for disc replication — or if it's just toying with your emotions. Whatever the case, should you be emotionally invested in the TimeSplitters series, we'd recommend voicing your concerns.

I Want To Play TimeSplitters 4 on... [Free Radical - thanks, ]


    it should be put on the wii because it you could control characters with the gamecube controller wii remote etc. i've been a huge fan of it and i've always loved using the remote guns in ts2 but in the ts3 you got rid of them? you should bring back old characters to bring in pizazz in the game. bring back some of the old guns that were in ts1, ts2 and ts3. have a completely new storyline. have more i ideas for custom maps. bring in some new assault stages. if you bring it to the wii you can include wi-fi connection so you can interact with alot of people online. bring it on the wii please? and make it spectatular!!!!!!

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