Tom Clancy Games Prepare To Tactically Engage The Nintendo Wii

Ubisoft's current lineup on the Wii is...regrettable. Could do with a few more "proper" games. Like the Tom Clancy ones, most of those are pretty decent. Here's what Ubisoft boss, the delightfully-named Yves Guillemot, has to say on the matter:

Tom Clancy will appear [on the Wii]at one point. We need to make sure they [look good] . We have engines that were created for the next-generation consoles. We had to re-engineer a certain number of engines to be sure we could use the quality of the machine. Even without the [high-end]graphics, the experience can still be very interesting. ... To make sure we can create good enough products [on Wii]or products better than Nintendo's takes time. That's why you don't see many products, but you will see more and more in the future.

Yves, screw the new games, just re-release the GameCube version of Chaos Theory (with MP intact), we'll forgive the wait.

Interview: Ubisoft CEO on Games and Hollywood, Tom Clancy, Casual Growth and More [GameDaily]


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