Too Human comp winners!


So, Logan was too lazy in his final days to tell you who won some Too Human action. But winners were indeed picked and I've been passed the conch of knowledge to share the names amongst names. Did that make sense? What I meant was... winners after the jump!

Travis Young Two Humans: A girl and a Pizza Place

Arbee Too Human: Oh the humanity!

DONAR [Quoth Logan: "Just did a bunch of great ones"]

DeanoTron Too Human 2: Human

Andrew Two Human: Better Than One Human

Tops work, team. Copies are on their way.


    Congrats to all the winners!

    Thanks Logan and Seamus. Looking forward to giving Balder a workout.

    To think I was kicking myself on Sunday for forgetting to add "Too Human: Garmageddon" and "Too Human: Highway to Hel" to the list.


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