Tragedy As Kid Plays Halo, Re-Creates Action With Real Gun

There's been a tragic death in the town of Watertown, Wisconsin, as an 11-year old boy has accidentally shot and killed himself. Having taken the day off school for some Halo, Joshua Nimm was playing with a rifle, re-creating the action from the game. Problem was, although he ejected the rifle's magazine, it seems he didn't realise there was a round already in the chamber, and it went off. As a result, Nimm accidentally shot himself, and died as a result of his wounds.

Creek boy dies from gunshot[Watertown Daily Times, via GamePolitics]


    Perhaps this sounds cruel but i'm dubious of the "accidental" nature of this.

    The article says the kid shot it a few times a month. So he's not totally unfamiliar with it. Plus, turning a rifle on yourself (a .22 no less, which would require a shot somewhere like the head or a vital organ) isn't an easy thing, particularly for a smaller person (or in this case, an 11 year old boy).

    I say suicide.

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