Ubisoft Re-Releasing Beyond Good & Evil?

Beyond Good & Evil was great, yet largely ignored. There's a sequel coming, but since the first one was - yes - largely ignored, Ubisoft might have an uphill struggle on their hands convincing millions of people that this game is a good idea. So this strategy, while still unconfirmed, certainly makes a lot of sense. A Canadian GAF poster spotted this ad at his local EB Games, advertising a BG&E Greatest Hits reprint for $10. With a release date of September. Like we said, it makes sense, but we're still slightly sceptical; we're already halfway through September and this is the first we hear of it? Kinda defeats the point if you're not marketing it. And with the sequel still possibly years away, why re-release it now?

Ubisoft reprinting Beyond Good & Evil to sell for $9.99? [Firestorm @ NeoGAF]


    I hope they release it on Xbox Live Arcade, I would definitely buy it and know of some other people who would buy it as well

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