Uwe Boll Bitches About Movie Industry, Has Action Plan

We often think: Either director Uwe Boll doesn't get it, or he really, really gets it. Bad flick after bad flick, yet Uwe Boll keeps getting his game-to-film adaptations made. And the man's got loads of opinions about the movie industry, what's wrong with it, and how he can make it better. From Boll's self-penned written rant titled "The Film market — or THERE IS NO MONEY IN MOVIES":

I will stop here before I start writing about totally overpaid agents, managers, agents, and studio executives in L.A. living in airballoons as long they can rip money out of the world outside of L.A. or the major companies. If I would run a studio I would do the same movies for half of the production costs in throwing the cokeheads out and cutting the bullshit of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings with idiots who never made a movie in their life. I can shoot a movie like Fantastic Four 2 in half of the time for half of the money shot by shot.

Boll breaks down the problems with the film industry and what he can do to help. (And no, it's not stop making movies. DAMMIT.)

• 20 years ago maybe three movies came out every week. Now 6 to 10.
• In earlier days you had 5 to 10 event movies per year. Now you have 40. And they destroy the medium movies. Not because they are good! Because they are so expensive and spending so much money in p&a to win their weekends and to win market share.
• In 1999 piracy maybe destroyed 5% of the revenues — now 40%. Why? Because tons of territories in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe are selling more pirated DVDs as legal DVDs. Illegal downloads taking 20% of theatrical and HV revenues of movies away everywhere. Legal downloads to rent or to own are not compensating anything ? people don't want to pay for downloads. A $US 1 billion gross in downloads means a loss of $US 9 billion in DVD sales.
• In TV are less and less spaces for films. Every channel is showing casting and reality shows: Superstar, Idol, Cooking, Handyman shows are invading the channels.

If you head does not hurt (and really, why not), read Boll's ways to fix-up Hollywood.

• It's proven that actors are totally overpaid. Some beach boys getting hyped up and absurd amounts paid for saying five lines per day and letting the stuntguys doing the hard work. If the studios would in general not pay more as max. $US 3 million for a star per movie — the stars would work for that money if nobody offers more. It's also absurd to pay medium names more as $US 250,000 per movie.
• Why not Pirates putting for 10 years in jail?
• Why SHOWTIME or HBO paying for independent movies $US 20,000 and for medium movies produced by the majors millions. TV channels must show more movies and pay also fair prices for independent product.
• Theatres must show also more trailers of smaller movies.
• TV and Radio channels must report more also about small movies.

Uwe Boll Explains Why "There Is No Money In Movies" [1up]


    as bad as his movies are... yes i found house of the dead 'fun' to watch and his points are rather true, there are hardly any movies on tv any more, only reality shows and when they do show movies, its the 100000th re run of shrek! also hes right about the cinemas comming out with to many movies, if a great film like terminator came out in modern day now itd just be another movie... but because of the time and the lack of cheap movies with big ideas, its a classic.

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