Valve: Team Fortress 2 Updates Not Coming To PS3 Orange Box

We can't say we didn't see it coming, but to hear, straight from the mouths of Valve's Doug Lombardi and Gabe Newell, that PlayStation 3 owners are going to get the shit end of the Team Fortress 2 stick still hurts. I *have* that version! I also have the Steam and Xbox 360 versions, but still... ouch.

1UP confirmed with Gabe and Doug that the updates PC users are currently enjoying, which are coming to the 360 later this year simply won't be hitting the PS3. Why? Valve simply has no PS3 manpower to speak of. And EA is "not doing ongoing development on The Orange Box" on Sony's box.

It's simple really. We just hope that the boys and girls at EA do right by the few of us who opted for the PS3 SKU — and will think about this kind of stuff in the future.

Team Fortress 2 Updates Not Coming For PlayStation 3 [1UP]


    Valve are traditionally a PC house, right? Thats a very short step to the 360. it sounds to me like they simply arent geared up for PS3 development. They would need to hire staff, build skills, maybe buy more computers and desks and office space and dev kits and... oh heck, lets just release the pc/360 version and move onto the next game!

    I am a PS3 owner and not particularly upset by this. I play TF2 on PC anyway.

    This is ridiculous. Why was TF2 even released for the PS3 in the first place? Just so EA & Valve could squeeze every last cent from the market, the customer be damned. Welcome to Corporate America.

    This is NO way to treat paying customers!

    I ask whoever benefited from my $60 to either make sure we get the updates, @ a price, or apologies for the discrimination.

    peace out.

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