Watch BlizzCon On DIRECTV, Get Polar Bear Mount

BlizzCon sold out in record time, with additional tickets sold via a lottery that occurred while I was in Germany for the Games Convention, so while there might not be a BlizzCon for me, there can still be a special edition BlizzCon murloc-riding polar bear mount! DIRECTV has announced that everyone who tunes in to the BlizzCon pay per view coverage from BlizzCon on October 9th and 10th will be receiving the limited-edition mount, which is one of the main reasons so many people wanted to go in the first place. New customers who sign up for DIRECTV between now and September 30th will get both the PPV event and mount for free, while existing subscribers will have to shell out $US 39.95 for the privilege.

But what if you don't have DIRECTV and have no desire to change? Odds are you have a friend or relative who does. Give them $US 40. Get your polar bear mount on. Oh, and before we start complaining because we didn't think of it first, the odds are the mount will be delivered via redeemable code in game, so even if you don't care, eBay always cares.


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