Where To Get Your LBP Nariko SackGirl

The location of the final and possibly best LittleBigPlanet pre-order item has been revealed! The official LPB news site has announced that the Nariko SackGirl is an exclusive pre-order bonus from Best Buy stores in the U.S., meaning I might have to tuck away my pride and finally buy $US5 of potential game from the retailer, though since Best Buy generally puts their pre-order bonus stuff inside the placeholder boxes on the shelves, it might mean I can snag that code along with the GameStop Kratos for an extra $US 5.

The Nariko outfit in the UK can be snagged by pre-ordering the game through Play.com, while gamers in the ice spider-infested wilds of Canada are urged to wait a bit longer for an announcement the fiery warrior's sackcloth doppleganger.

There's no news yet on the Aussie release date.

Pre-order: And finally...Nariko SackGirl [LittleBigPlanet News - Thanks Dave!]


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