Who Can Make Sense Of This PlayStation 3 Ad?

With the exception of Sony's "U R Not E" campaign and the inflicting of Saliva's godawful "Ladies and Gentlemen" upon us a countless number of times this year, we're generally fans of the PlayStation marketing machine. We even kind of liked the "This Is Living" series of non sequitors that annoyed UK gamers in 2007. That said, we're having a hard time wrapping our string of brain cells around the "Matrjoska" print ad running in Spain.

Are Sony trying to appeal to the portly gamer set who prefer to masquerade as teenage waifs online? Or is it the other way around, speaking to the blue ocean market of women with runway physiques who desperately long to be a morbidly obese and wear nothing but brown? Or is it just "Look, nipples!"? We're stumped.

PS3: Matrjoska [Ads of the World]


    I think it's a hint.

    PS3 are going to redesign the console, with the 43nm chip and make it smaller and sexier ! :)

    Looks to me like an ad for a slimmer line of PS3s.

    Going from the fat man, to the sexy ( now female ) new slim model...

    har har har

    Look, nipples!

    As well as what those before me have said, I think it is alos commenting on how gamers are not (mostly) overweight like the sterotype. And some are girls. right...right?...RIGHT?

    i think it means:
    the playstation 3 is a large piece of equipment, but you have to look past that and see what power it has on the inside.
    'look past the box and see whats inside' think thats the general theme of this add

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