WipeOut HD Not Only Priced, But Dated As Well

WipeOut HD is a "coming sometime in the future" game no more. Sony have announced when the game will be out, and friends, it will be out soon. September 25, to be precise, and when out on September 25 will set you back $20. For that $20 you're getting, amongst other things, 8 tracks, splitscreen racing (offline only) for two players, or if you're up for a bigger challenge, 8-player online multiplayer.

WipEout HD Officially Dated, Priced [PlayStation.Blog]


    Awesome!, time to get a PS3, I been waiting for this since the PS3 came out.

    I just called Sony's Australian helpdesk - the game will not be released in AU tonight (25-Sep) because of something to do with the American servers apparently. The operator told me that it may be available after 8:30pm, but he couldn't say when for sure. He suggested it should definitely be released by mid-next-week.

    So, those of you like me who are gagging for it get screwed again by Sony - the one and only.

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