Wonder why The Fringe’s Anna Torv looks familiar?

annatorv-nariko.jpgThere’s a good chance many Playstation 3 owners will have an odd sense of familiarity with Anna Torv, star of new J.J. Abrams show The Fringe. And many have probably already worked out the secret. For those who are still wishing she’s a woman they made eyes with in a Melbourne bar, think again. Torv was the face behind the face of Nariko in Heavenly Sword, joining Andy Serkis and his merry team of motion capture artists. So when you were gasping at the beauty of Nariko, a lot of that magic was thanks to Torv. However it’s unlikely she will be seen in real life wearing Nariko’s outfits. Maybe a write in campaign could get them worked into The Fringe?

And if you are really lucky, maybe you did make eyes in Melbourne. Torv is a Victorian, so you just never know your luck. If you haven’t already checked it out “by other means”, The Fringe starts tomorrow night locally on Channel Nine.


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