Wrap-o-matic: Best of the weekend

EA Take-Two: The wedding's off Hollywood couplings never turn out well. I hope the breakup sex was appropriately steamy.

'Muslim Massacre' creator tucks tail, apologises Considering how crass the game was, the apology is well considered and kind of classy.

Jenny McCarthy talking 'Bout Tanya Jenny McCarthy talking 'bout anything... seriously, I'm in it for the talking.

Forbes: Spore Downloaded 35k Times Wed-Thurs I wonder how many illegal downloads are by people who paid up but wanted a DRM-free version.

The Resident Evil Activity Book for Kids A good laugh to start your week.

GTA IV Not Meeting Sales Expectations? You see, they've only sold a meagre 8.5 million units. So that's another 5.91 billion people who don't own it yet.


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