Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

Left 4 Dead On The DS? Yeah, Right. Our Classification Board made a big typo, so we must rake them over coals!

Large Hadron Collider - And Halo Was Its Name-O Yes, they actually picked Halo because it feels friendly. Ummm... have they played...

Prince of Persia Hits in December Yep, this December.

Warhammer Online Is Online Yes, it's online!

Steam DRM Vs Spore DRM Yep,DRM stinks, but Valve is good at talking about how to try and balance user and publisher needs.

Here's When Mirror's Edge Will Be Out Europe says November 14. Let's hope we're the same?

'PS3 Is Waiting For Defining Title' So say Peter Molyneux. Is that title coming soon? Did he forget something?

But Does Hayao Miyazaki Play Video Games? Apparently that's a resounding 'No.'

Impressions of Life With Playstation Simple so far, holds a lot of promise?


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