X-COM Comes To Steam (And Wicked Cheap Too!)

There's nothing quite as humiliating as being outed at a weekend dinner party as the sole attendee who hasn't played X-COM UFO Defence. You've been there, stuffing your mouth with canap├ęs while the group swaps X-COM strategies and pleasantries, excluding you from the conversation.

Never again! Thanks to the power of Steam, you can enjoy five X-COM classics — X-COM: UFO Defence, X-COM: Apocalypse, X-COM: Interceptor, X-COM: Enforcer and X-COM: Terror From The Deep — on the cheap. How cheap? How about $US 13.49 USD for all five? I thought so.

They're $US 4.99 individually, making the Complete Package purchase with its introductory discount a no-brainer. Should get your mouse hand nice and limber for the forthcoming sequel.

X-COM Complete Pack [Steam]


    For the people complaining that it has not been updated properly for new computers, there's a sad reason for that - or so I've heard - the original source code and project files are gone. Microprose had them and lost them, so when the IP got handed over to new owners, there were only .exe and data files.

    They got it to run under windows using an external wrapper, like dosbox, but they can't modify the original game.

    This is what I read in some interview somewhere, I can't guarantee it though. No link, sorry.

    Also, if the current owner is selling it, it's not really abandon-ware.

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