You Don't Know Jack set for big comeback

ydkj.jpgI love You Don't Know Jack. Many who have played it feel exactly the same way. When it went to a web edition in the late '90s it was the best damn thing on the Internet, but then it all went away. Regular installments of the new webshow have been enjoyed over the past two years, but now they're set to call it a day at #100 to focus on a next big thing.

We've decided to actually try to make some money with this thing. We're working hard on getting this game out to the masses... in the upcoming weeks, you'll hear some real big news about a real big deal we've made with some real bigshots who can help get YOU DON'T KNOW JACK back to where it belongs - in the home of every living man, woman, and child, and most elves. And for all of our loyal viewers, and we know who you are, we promise to give you a token of our appreciation. Stay tuned.

Past rumours point to a Wii version in the works, and that could be a lot of fun. I'll still cross my fingers for a Live Arcade or PSN version — they'd be a lot better suited to online play... but in the end I'll take whatever Jellyvision give me.

If you've never played it, go play the last few episodes (plus all the archives are available) before they wrap things up to get to work on their 'big news' project.

Big News in Jellyland [YDKJ via Destructoid]


    I love Jellyvision games so much. It's a shame at least one of their beta games never made it properly out of beta - Primetime Pitch - as it was a load of fun. And where'd games like Acrophobia go?

    At least it'll be good to have a YDKJ game again. Maybe someone will come up with a good idea and make it for the PSP... you know, instead of the junkish game that was Buzz! Master Quiz.

    Oh, yes, Acrophobia was absolute gold! Some of the best networked web gameplay ever. I think they were just too early with some of this stuff, and I really hope they have some success with whatever comes next so they can maybe get the confidence to bring back some of those classic ideas.

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