Zen Bound - Absolutely Non-Pervy Rope Twisting Game For iPhone

Zen Bound is ostensibly a game, although appears to be more like a toy.

It runs on the iPhone (PC and Mac versions to follow, apparently) and seems to be an accurate simulation of.. twisting a rope around an inanimate object. As the developers say,

It is something to be enjoyed at a slow pace: a game where a high score is not the goal. Zen Bound is designed to challenge in a subtle way, it does not attack or force the player. There is also an element of self-reflection, for each of the sculptures is a representation of a state of mind or a human emotion.

So.. still not clear if it is an actual game or not. One thing that is clear - somebody will almost certainly knock up an eroge version of this, if they haven't already.

Announcing: Zen Bound![Secret Exit]


    this was a freeware game back in mid-2006 called Zen Bondage. Here's the link to a review with links to the free game download...


    i never really got into it because there never seemed to be a scoring system, but enjoy anyway!

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